IR Training now available at Jankair!

We are excited to announce that starting this year, IR training is now available at Jankair. This is a major milestone for our flight school as this training is one of the most important and fundamental steps for obtaining the “big plane” license. Jankair’s team includes commercial pilots with extensive knowledge and experience in IR […]

Modernizing our Fleet: Important Instrument Upgrades at Jankair

At Jankair, we are committed to providing our students and passengers with the most modern and optimal conditions possible. In line with this goal, we have recently implemented a new digital instrument upgrade. We have equipped most of our planes (including all Cessna 172s, a 150 and a Falke), with Garmin G5 units. These devices […]

Deeper Knowledge, Unforgettable Experiences

Jankair offers new, instructor-led, hands-on training opportunities for PPL pilots. This training is designed for pilots who are already actively flying and hold a professional service license. The goal is to deepen their practical and Ground School in a familiar and friendly environment with the help of our professional instructors. During the training, participants will […]

„Top Gun” training package: American flight, training, time building opportunity

Jankair offers comprehensive training and flight opportunities in Florida, USA, through a one-stop, full-service package. Certain administrative and on-site education components are also available in Hungarian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese upon request. We provide complete administrative support (visa, accommodation, training, acquisition of official aviation documents, car rental) and work with you to create a customized […]

Current courses

PPL training PPL „Top Gun” training We have some exciting courses starting soon. Are you interested in joining? Simply fill out our contact form by clicking here! Learn to fly an airplane with us! We provide a friendly, familiar atmosphere and a personalized educational program that is tailored to your individual needs. We’re not just […]