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We provide a friendly, familiar atmosphere and a personalized educational program that is tailored to your individual needs. We’re not just a training center; we help you turn your childhood dream or adult ambition into reality, by teaching you how to fly in a safe and enjoyable way. You can start your journey with us on a single-engine plane or a motor-glider, and then decide whether you want to simply enjoy flying as a hobby (just like many of our former students) or take your training to the next level (again, as many of our other students) step-by-step, and become a commercial pilot, an instructor or even a “big plane” pilot. We don’t push or rush you, you can advance in your flight training as long as it is convenient for you. We tailor the training to you as much as possible, and you can progress in small steps or even faster. We have students who obtained their pilot’s license in a matter of months, while others took a few years due to work, family or other reasons.

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