Modernizing our Fleet: Important Instrument Upgrades at Jankair

At Jankair, we are committed to providing our students and passengers with the most modern and optimal conditions possible. In line with this goal, we have recently implemented a new digital instrument upgrade. We have equipped most of our planes (including all Cessna 172s, a 150 and a Falke), with Garmin G5 units. These devices offer more accurate data display, increased safety and a more modern environment during training and flights. The flagship of this project is the Cessna 172 with registration number HA-HCW, which has undergone a complete instrument upgrade. Here, most of the instruments are now digital, the plane has received a very modern navigation device, and the engine control unit has also been exchanged for a more sophisticated and accurate electronic device than before. You can also view photos of the upgrade by clicking here!

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