About Us

About us

The dedicated team of pilotlicence.hu has more than 10 years of experience not only in flying but also in education. Our highly qualified trainers do everything to give this experience to their students with seeded attention to acquire the safe flying.

Our trainings are available from the beginning steps, in addition we help trained pilots to get further authorizations.

The trainings meet the requirements of the EASA and the international flying regulating orders.

Why should you learn to fly the airplane by us?

First of all our passion is flying and if you are reading this homepage, you must also often dream about flying and being a pilot. We would like to help you to accomplish your childhood dreams and to learn to fly in a safe and delightful way. You can begin to learn on a one-engine plane or on a glider with engine. And it depends on you whether you stop there and just fly because of pleasure (just like our old students) or continue the learning with us to become a commercial pilot, a trainer or a jet pilot (as more of our old students did). We don’t want to force anything on anybody. You can reach that point in flying which is still exciting and interesting for you. We  try to conform the training to you as much as possible so you can go your way slower or faster.

You can learn to fly at different kind of companies (?) but it is worth doing by us because the three leading trainers of our company collect together more than thousand hours of flying. We know flying with ‘little-planes’ very well, this is our life and passion.

Although we don’t just do this because of fun. We have taught since 2000 and we are one of those few educational organizations in Hungary (ATO) that earned the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) classification in 2014. (number: HU.ATO.0073)

Why is it important to learn at an ATO organization?

Because this assures you of getting the same level training as at any other European training organizations.

Because of this your licence and authorizations will be accepted without any further condition in the countries of the European Union.