PPL – Private Pilot Licence

Name: Private Pilot Licence

What’s this and what does it authorize to?

As indicated by its name, you will become a private pilot after the end of the training. It means you may fly on your own round whole Hungary (without additional courses). You may also bring some passengers by 1-6-person airplanes with one engine, piston and propeller. You can fly round the whole country with your friends, relatives, and acquaintances. On the other hand you may not do commercial activity, so you may not work for money with PPL.

Further restrictions: You may fly only from sunrise to sunset according to the Visual Flight Rules (5 km horizontal and 300 m vertical visibility).

Who and why?

PPL is the best solution for those who already have LAPL but they want to fly more freely (for example with different kind of airplanes). It can also mean the first step if you want to fly not only in day-VFR but also at night or in bad weather. If you liked to make your fortune as a pilot, than the PPL training is your cup of tea. This is the first considerable milestone of the long road.

How can you start it?

You need a Class 2 EASA Part-MED for the beginning. (This means if you already have a LAPL, its medical classification isn’t enough.) The training can be started at the age of 15, but you may fly on your own only at the age of 16. To fly on your own you need to accomplish the theoretical training successfully. The candidate can be sent to the official examination the earliest at the age of 17.

The course of the training:

If you already have LAPL, you will need further theoretical and practical (15 hours of flying) training. If you start from zero, you will need a whole theoretical PPL training then you will have to fly 45 hours mostly with an instructor. The theoretical training consists of subjects such as knowledge of the airplane (airframes, powerplant), base of aviation (aerodynamics), communication, meteorology, navigation, air law, air operational procedures, human performance etc.

What’s the next?

If it’s enough to you to fly only in good weather according to VFR in the airspace of Hungary and you don’t want to earn money with flying then enjoy your PPL technical term. On the other hand if you want to go on, a second step could be the acquisition of the NVFR (Night Visual Flight Rules) rating (you can begin this with your brand-new PPL, too). If you collect 50 hours flying after the successful PPL training, you can apply for instrument flight rules training. With the PPL you have the opportunity to begin the ICAO Level 4 course, so when you get it you’re allowed to fly in foreign airspaces and to land on foreign airports.